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AR Arhat organizers

Arhat Organizers is a family-owned business started in the year 2022.  With a core vision to spread happiness around your home by providing right space for all your objects.


Arhat believes there is a better and effective way to store your daily objects in a way that is more functional and organized. Because who does not like organized things? It saves time, energy and also restores human’s peace. Yes! being organized can be rewarding.


With multiple ranges of products, especially to cater different needs for home storage and organizing daily objects. Our products are functional for day-to-day routine and acknowledges small space sensibility.  All our products are toped with frosted paint in order to sustain in different environment and seasons. Our quality is maintained and controlled, also featuring beautiful aesthetics for your interior.


Creating a great ecosystem at home could help to cultivate home and increases the object shelf life. Our sentiment is to create right place for everything in order to achieve everything in its place. Nurturing your surroundings with all love and care.

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